YouThink is an initiative by Thinking of God for developing future Christian leadership by investing in senior high school (Yr 11-12) and university-aged young people who profess Christ and live for Him with sufficient integrity to be considered reliable Christians.

YouThink intends to:

  1. Give these emerging young Christian leaders deep confidence in Christ;


  1. Equipping them with Biblical, theological, devotional, and ministry resources consistent with the kind of Biblical Christianity, rooted in the Reformed tradition, that Thinking of God seeks to advance;


  1. Facilitate their personal growth in Christ, and their ability to contribute to church and denominational ministry, and advance God’s kingdom generally, in both the present and the future.

Why YouThink?


Young Christians face significant challenges today, including, but not limited to  anti-Christian social pressure from outside the church and moralistic therapeutic deism within. YouThink aims to help equip and strengthen the leaders of tomorrow in the robust faith of the past. Through seminars designed to equip them both doctrinally and devotionally, YouThink intends to help Christian youth have a renewed confidence in the gospel, in the Bible, and in Christ.

While many other excellent denominational and inter-denominational youth ministries already exist, YouThink does not seek to compete with them, but complement them through a deep engagement with confessional Reformed theology, devotional resources, and ministry practices. Such deep, rich engagement with confessional-Reformed resources will contribute to the formation of future leaders through:

  • Stabilising their Christian identity by helping them identify with historic Christianity;
  • Addressing contemporary issues with Biblical truth that has been tested and refined for two millennia;
  • Avoiding passing fads;
  • Enabling them to creatively arrive at forms of thought and behaviour that are unexpectedly good and wholesome, precisely because they are not captive to contemporary societal perspectives, but flow from a deep engagement with the Bible and theology.

In order to achieve this, Thinking of God will seek to partner with associations, youth groups, and theological colleges in order to deliver training events, talks, and seminars throughout Australia. If you would like to know more about such events, please check out the event listing on Thinking of God’s Facebook page, sign up to the YouThink mailing address, email, or check out the below information which will be updated with the latest details!


Our inaugural YouThink will be on Saturday 18 Nov 2017, 9:30am-3:30pm, at Epping Presbyterian Church, cnr Bridge Rd & Rawson St, Epping NSW

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