Author: Wendy Lin

Book Review: 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

I was excited to spot this book in the week I was giving a seminar on digital technology. It’s a helpful addition to a growing number of books on the topic (such as Challies, Alter, Heitner and the Boswells). I loved Reinke’s last book, Lit! and so quickly devoured this offering. Reinke asks the question “What is the best use of my smartphone in the flourishing of my life?”, asserting he is not looking to guilt people, and that the book succeeds if you love Christ more, and fails if you hate yourself more. He rightly asserts that our phones divulge what our hearts really want:...

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Book Review: Time for Everything?

“Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake each day with the thought: God has given me time to enjoy and serve him with today and I’m looking forward to that?”  From the first chapter Fuller has us thinking about the time we have, how we use it and the relentless feel of weariness and burden in our lives. Whether it’s because we try to follow religious rules, we feel the need to prove ourselves, we try to meet other’s expectations and needs, or we are trying to be secure; most of us feel the burden of a lack of time and...

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Book Review: Getting Jesus Wrong

When grace is missing from the Christian message, we are so quickly led to false views of Jesus. Matt Johnson admits his struggles over 20 years of following false Jesus’s, some who set an impossibly high standard and some who were just there to help him fulfil his own dreams. This book reads as though for the first time in long life of faith, he has truly grasped the gospel of grace. It is almost a recovery story. It’s personal and records a process still in progress. Johnson identifies four false views of Jesus: Life Coach Jesus – it’s...

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Book Review: When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography (Vicki Tiede)

When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart, Vicki Tiede Rarely do you read a book that speaks directly to a certain issue with openness, honesty, vulnerability, gentleness and directness all at the same time. This book is all of those things, as well as being solidly grounded in the truths of scripture and of our loving and powerful Father in heaven. In writing from her own experience, Vicki Tiede has created a book that many Christian women will thank her for – a resource and guide for dealing with the emotions and upheaval created by...

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Raising Children with God at the Centre: Part 5

This article is part of 5 in the series Raising Children With God at the CentreTo wrap up this series encourage you to raise your children with God at the centre, following is a whole list of resources where you can find more ideas or suggestions. Resources to encourage you & help you raise children in the faith: Gospel-Centred Family, Ed Moll & Tim Chester (The Good Book Company, 2009) This book challenges us to think about how being Christian changes our parenting, our goals for our children & our priorities as a family. It emphasizes God’s word as...

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