Author: Tamara Robson

Are You Okay?

Smooth Criminal is a song constantly sung in my household. Never the whole song, but the hook goes on and on around here… “Are you okay, Annie?” I honestly don’t remember where it came from. It could be from a camp where we met a kid named Annie, but I think it was before that. We don’t know. But those words have come in handy a whole lot. We’ve got an easy way to ask if we’re okay, and the language is familiar and we know exactly what it means. We’ve got the freedom to ask, too. Today is...

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T’is the Season to be… Married?

It’s that time of year, when countdowns abound and hints of dresses appear on Instagram. The floral arrangements grow and grow and grow and the invitations flow and flow and flow. It’s an exciting time of year for some but for others it’s a time that serves as a three month long reminded of what they do not have and what often feels so very out of reach, and that reminder can lead to loneliness and that loneliness sinks deep and is hard to shake sometimes… and so, here I am. I’m getting married in just over a month...

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Two Picnics, Worlds Away

There was a picnic in a park to celebrate Easter. Christians getting together as God’s family, playing and laughing and enjoying each other’s company whilst celebrating their saviour. It seems to be a mirror of my own Sunday. After church a group of us stayed around and got chicken and chips. There was an Easter egg hunt, there was talk of God’s goodness, of the church at its best when it feels at its worst, and most importantly, we were together. My Sunday lunch ended with a bus trip back to Newtown so I could nap for a little...

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