Author: Steven Tran

The First Five Years

The end of 2016 has signalled for me another year of ministry done and dusted. I’ve now been at this particular work for five years now. Two years ago I was up for renomination as Pastor and I’m thankful to God, and to my church, for their confidence vote in the ministries I’ve been involved in. The past five years have also reminded me of Gary Millar’s favourite John Chapman story. Gary’s ministry in Ireland wasn’t always swimmingly great. In fact, if you ever sit down with Gary to hear how ministry was for him you’d be utterly surprised...

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Is Pokemon Go demonic?

Confession: it’s been just over a month now since I installed and starting playing the Pokémon Go smartphone app/game. It’s been an interesting time—with lots of light hearted moments shared with my kids as we’ve high-fived a good catch, and shared the loss of a Pokémon which has escaped my Pokéball and escaped in a puff of cloud. Over the month that I have been playing I’ve also noticed that the game has had a fairly polarising effect on people. It seems you either love it or hate it! I can understand those who love it—it’s a fun game,...

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The Precious Blood

From the Valley of Vision – a wonderful collection of Puritan prayers edited by Arthur Bennett. I’ve transcribed it into slightly more modern English as some of the original old English phrases I believe can be misunderstood. One common danger in the Christian life is to devalue, become calloused, or increasingly immune to the weight of what Christ accomplished on the cross. This prayer is a wonderful prayer of self reflection – to remember the heinous depth of our sin, and the correspondingly glorious goodness of Jesus’ sacrifice. May it be an encouragement to us all this Easter. Blessed Lord...

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What To Do With The Non-Christians in Bible Study

Every so often at our church we have a small but sizeable number of non-Christians in a fellowship group. At this point the question becomes whether a dedicated non-Christian group should be formed within the larger group. While I believe some form of Christianity Explained/Explored/Introducing God type of group needs to be provided (and there are other good resources to go through), I believe it should supplement the week-to-week bible study group fellowship. This, of course, is a big sacrifice resource wise – but for a group of keen non-Christians I pray that we’ll all see this as a...

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Mark Driscoll Is… Back Soon

It’s been confirmed by the Driscoll’s themselves that they will be starting a new church plant within the next few months in Phoenix, Arizona. Those who know me know that I have had some affection for the work and ministry of Driscoll and Mars Hill. I haven’t written too much on what’s happened in recent years, I’ve been more following along with my own concerns but with no inclination to put it out there. Mostly because there’s been plenty of others – well written, and awfully written – who have discussed the details of what’s happened much more. The purpose of...

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