Author: Scott Blackwell

Understanding Death

At no point is Christian faith more relevant, or more pointed, than at the moment when we must deal with death, and there is no point pretending that it is not easy to find ourselves ‘faint-hearted’ in the face of life about to end. ‘What about our friends who have died? What has happened to them? Are they all right? Will I see them again? What about my own readiness and security as I face death?’ For the Bible-believing Christian, the answer lies in two things: God’s promise and our hope. What we can assume from a passage like...

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To Be A Church… Family

I wonder. Have you ever spent any time thinking about your reputation within your own family? If you have, what then do you believe your reputation within the family is like? It’s a tricky question, isn’t it? What do you perceive your reputation is like? What does your family see in you? Who do they see you as? What do they understand you to be, as an individual? It could be a curly question for some of us to answer, couldn’t it? If however, you have never spent any time thinking about what your reputation might be considered as within your own...

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Trust and the Bible

Very often when we talk about ‘trust’ what we are actually speaking about is our reliance on the integrity, strength, ability or certainty of someone or something.  To have trust in someone is to express a confidence in that person.  To have trust in something is to have confidence in that thing. Trusting a person is not so different in principle to trusting a chair. You assess the strength and reliability of a person just as you assess the strength and reliability of a chair.  You assess the character of a person – their make-up and personality in the...

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Easter: Someone Dies So That You Might Live

Some years ago, I was listening to a preacher who made this brilliant observation: “In all of life there is one rule that is absolute, one law that you cannot escape, one truth that governs everything.  It is this: In order for you to live, something must die.” I was so struck by this, that I have never forgotten it. In order for you to live, something must die. Really? Well let’s take this baby out for a run shall we, and see how it drives? That hamburger you like to indulge in. Let’s have a think about that....

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A World View

I think there is some validity in the idea that how you view the world actually dictates how you live in the world. For example, if you believe that this life is all that there is, that there is only the here and now, and that your only hope for happiness is to accumulate as much comfort and as much pleasure as you can in the here and now — then materialism makes a lot of sense. It makes sense to live for yourself.  It makes sense to feather both your nest and the nest of your children as...

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