Author: Phillip Jensen

Helen Roseveare, 1925-2016

Helen Roseveare was one of the most unforgettable characters I’ve ever met. The news of her death in Northern Ireland at the age of 91, has brought many friends to reconsider our fellowship together and her impact in Sydney. Since the time of cheap airfares, international Christian leaders have often visited Sydney and a few have even endured the long journey to visit us often. Some make a great contribution to our Christian fellowship, others have seemingly made little contribution and have been quickly forgotten. Sadly, some have done us great harm and we could wish their visits would...

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Democracy Trumps Meritocracy

The Shock of Democracy In 2016 the sleeping giant of democracy has awakened. In the rise of minor parties in many Western democracies, in the UK Brexit vote, and now in the USA Presidential election – we have witnessed the power of people rejecting the power of the elite who rule over them. This is democracy in action. However, this kind of democracy has shocked and rattled the complacency of the elite who have ruled unchallenged for most of this generation. The pollsters and pundits as well as the media and markets, have failed comprehensively to predict or even...

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What Joy in Hell?

There is no joy in hell. Its very existence reassures us of ultimate justice. Where else can the victims of the Holocaust find justice? But justice is little comfort when we consider hell’s horror. Hell is such a horrible concept that sensitive souls want to recoil from even considering it. Denying its existence can even be called a godly heresy. Godly – in that God does not enjoy the death of a sinner and nor should we (Ezekiel 18:23,32; 33:11, 1 Timothy 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9); but – a heresy none the less because the scriptures teach the reality...

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My Request For Australia Day: Please Stop Attacking Extremists

Extremism is not the problem. There is nothing wrong with extremism. It all depends on what cause you are extreme about, and how you implement it. For people or societies that have no morality and no religion, ‘extremism’ is the worst of all behaviours. For Governments who believe in management over justice and truth, extremism is the chief ‘sin’ that has to be opposed and controlled. Western societies are trying to fight ‘extremism’ because we, in the West, refuse to even discuss religion, or religion based morality. So we are left opposing all religions as if they, and their...

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