Author: Peter Hughes

Part 1: Informal Missionaries

This article is part 1 of 3 in the series Missional Life, A conversationMissional living sounds so cool.  “I am on mission for God”.  But what does it actually mean?  In one sense it is better seen than described, but the best description I have got of it comes from Tim Keller. Tim Keller’s Center Church is full of great gems.  One of the best chapter is on “Equipping People for Missional Living” (Chapter 21) and I thought I would give a conversation between this chapter and my thoughts on the subject. The chapter opens with introduction of the...

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Fruity Christians?

So many Christians I have met are happy to ‘just sit in the pews’.  They want to be fed with the Gospel but “I don’t really want to do anything, I just want to be a Christian”.  The theological basis for this is argued: “We are saved by faith so why do we need to be doing anything”?  Let me answer that last question by looking at the theme of fruit in the Bible, more particularly in the New Testament [1]. We are saved by grace alone but we are people who are saved to bear fruit.  John 15:1-8...

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