Author: Peter Hughes

Australia Reduces Foreign Aid… Again and One Solution to Fix It

While tragic events were unfolding in Sydney during the siege in Martin Place,  Joe Hockey was delivering a budget report in a sign that the ‘country will go on and terrorism won’t stop it’.  Since it was a budget report and more important things were happening it was not reported all that well.  One of the things he mentioned was that foreign aid would be cut.  This is not a surprise.  Tony Abbot did commit to this during the previous election as a part of his policy to balance the budget.  But I think the shock was, by how...

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Do You Really Want to Celebrate Christmas?

Do you want to celebrate Christmas? Of course you do, what a stupid question. Or do you? Yet, the actual thing we celebrate at Christmas may cause you to stop and consider whether Christmas is something you really want to celebrate at all. One of the key accounts of Christmas, Matthew 2, exposes some of the darker elements of Christmas. Specifically, the killing of the young boys in Bethlehem (Matt 2:18), which is a part of the Christmas story and yet I have never seen this in a naivety scene at a shopping centre. That event alone should be...

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What Tony Zhou is Teaching Me About Bible Reading

Who is Tony Zhou??? Tony Zhou is a guy runs a couple of video channels called Every Frame a Painting, one of them is on YouTube and the other on Vimeo (I prefer Vimeo but both have the same content).  He makes short video essays of about 8 minutes for movie nerds.  And when I mean movie nerds, I really mean it.  But that being said, I think anyone should be able to get stuff out of them.  However, be warned, there is some language that shouldn’t be used by Christians in some of the clips!  I would also...

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Part 3: Is Evangelism about 1 Big Step or Lots of Little Ones?

This article is part 3 of 3 in the series Missional Life, A conversationThis is part three of a conversation between myself and chapter 21 of Tim Keller’s book Center Church “Equipping People for Missional Living”.  It is definitely worth reading the other posts and the chapter itself if you can. Previously, in this series…Keller was looking at what missional life looked like and I made the point that often this takes some time and patience to see it work.  In this next section Keller explains why it takes time because the contemporary Westerner needs to go through a...

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Part 2: The Surprising History of Lay Ministry/Missionaries

This article is part 2 of 3 in the series Missional Life, A conversationThis is a continuation of looking at “Equipping People for Missional Living” (Chapter 21 of Center Church by Tim Keller).  The last post saw that Keller had set up the chapter pointing to the idea that lay people had to be equipped to be ready to take the gospel beyond the walls of the church, he continues that theme… One of the big shifts we have seen in church culture over the last 50 years has been the introduction of lay ministry. Lay ministry is the...

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