Author: Peter Hughes

5 Rules of Preaching and Plagiarism

Let me be clear before starting this article, plagiarism is wrong.  You can’t simply take someone else’s words and make them yours. Yet as plagiarism has made it into the news in the Christian world over the last two years and potentially contributed to the downfall of, at least, one megachurch pastor; it is helpful to evaluate what is actually considered plagiarism. After all, where do you get an original idea from? Austin Kleon, author of Steal like an Artist, would argue that you don’t. There is no such thing as an original idea. Every artist gets asked the question, “Where did you get...

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Book Review: Delighting in the Trinity

The short: Read this book. The long: In ‘Delighting in the Trinity’, Michael Reeves has attempted to give us a readable book about the Christian doctrine of the Trinity and not only make it sound understandable, but absolutely essential for the Christian understanding of God and his gospel. Reeves’ thesis, I believe, can be best summed up with this quote: If God is not Father, Son and Spirit then he is eminently rejectable: without love, radiance or beauty.  Who would want such a God to have any power, or even exist?  But the triune, living God of the Bible is...

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The One Question Every Husband Needs to Ask His Wife (Every Day)

If you are not a Christian, I hope that you can get something out of this post. More importantly, I also hope that you see that the Christian world-view, especially when it comes to marriage, is a good thing. After 15 years of marriage, our relationship was, I guess, like most others, if I was entirely honest.  We fluctuated through both the good and the survivable, but as things got on, it was more about having a survivable ‘relationship’ rather than a good one.  There were disappointments, words that could not be taken back, and the realisation that your spouse...

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Book Review: Let the Word Do the Work

I don’t think there as a been a single person that God has used in the last 40 years that would rival Phillip Jensen for the effect on evangelical Christianity in Sydney.  As a preacher, writer, trainer, publisher, strategist, pastor and most of all evangelist.  So when Peter Bolt told me he was working on a book for Phillip’s retirement[1]I should point out that by ‘retirement’, I mean the ending of his formal ministry at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney.  He will of course continue his ministry at “Two Ways to Live Ministries”., I was intrigued as to what...

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Justice and Justice

Please note that this is not the original post. I have edited it in light of some questions that were asked and some thought about what I was trying to get across. News of the fates of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran has gone a little quiet of late and so might be a good chance to look at a side issue of two very different views of justice from two different nations. Let me say, though that I feel for the families and friends of these guys as they face their final days on earth and I am praying that their...

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