Author: Patricia Weerakoon

God Loves Sex

Sexuality is a deeply significant aspect of our personal identity. These days, because we assume we construct our selves however we want to, we similarly assume that we are free to construct our sexuality however we want to, or feel like. In this post, evangelical sexologist Patricia Weerakoon examines the stunningly counter-cultural idea that our sexuality might have objective purposes, given to externally us by our creator God – and that these external purposes aren’t oppressive, but good and healthy, therefore liberating. This post is an extract from Patricia’s book The Best Sex For Life, available from CEP, Matthias...

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Gender Transitioning: its possibilities and limitations

Eternity on transgender and transitioning Transgender is a complex issue. The one title ‘transgender’ seeks to capture a variety of conditions and personal situations – some biological, some personal-psychological-identificative, some sexual – all of them usually interconnected in complicated ways which depend on the person’s particular situation and history. It is therefore probably not helpful to celebrate one response to transgender issues as being the ‘solution’ to the difficulties that a transgender person experiences. Helping a transgender person live as best as possible is a complicated question, with as many answers as there are transgendered people. Eternity News recently...

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Good Sex and Godly Marriage: He Wants-She Wants: Understanding the Sexual Response

This article is part 4 of 4 in the series Good Sex and Godly MarriageMen and women are different. In body and brain. We need to understand and accept this if we want to have the best sexual relationship possible with our spouse. There are certain basic processes in both men and women: There is sexual desire, which is a brain event signalling a need or motivation for sex, the body response of sexual arousal, and finally, the brain recognition of this build-up of sexual tension resulting in orgasmic release. Let’s explore this First, a couple of general points:...

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Good Sex and Godly Marriage: Pregnant and Sexy

This article is part 3 of 4 in the series Good Sex and Godly MarriageYou waddle into the room. You feel – huge. Just yesterday in the bathroom mirror you saw the shiny stretch marks on your once tight and taut abdomen. Your breasts feel like melons. Your legs like tree trunks. Sexy is what you do not feel. And yet – your husband wants to make love. He says you look lovely. ‘Ripe’ he said! Or maybe you have just found out that you’re pregnant, and wonder how it will affect your sex life. You have so many...

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Good Sex and Godly Marriage: Honeymoon Sexpectations

This article is part 2 of 4 in the series Good Sex and Godly MarriageEditor’s Note: In the overly sexualised culture we find ourselves in, sometimes it is hard to find godly, Biblical advice on how to have good sex within a godly marriage. According to one friend, Christian women view discussion about sex as a ‘taboo’ not-to-be-talked about topic as opposed to our non-Christian counterparts who often speak in a very vocal way about sex, sharing their advice, details and experience. While at She Thinks, we believe sex is something that is more private within Christian circles particularly because...

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