Author: Mark D Thompson

Why We Should Vote ‘No’ in the Survey on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Australia is in the midst of a critical decision about one of the major building blocks of community life: marriage and the family. A great deal of money (including public money) and effort is being expended on the case for a change to allow people of the same sex to marry. To many it seems that the case for change is unassailable, in some measure because its advocates have been able to link their proposal to treasured notions of ‘love’ and ‘equality’. Little reflection is done on slogans generally, let alone those used in this debate. They’re memorable and...

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The Pernicious Evil of the Prosperity Gospel and the Theology of the Cross

Several years ago now I was travelling down a road in Nigeria on which, at almost every corner, there stood a church with a name that promised their members, and all who would join them, success, victory, wealth and happiness. One that has stuck in my mind was ‘The Winners’ Church’. It seemed as if I was in the very home of the prosperity gospel! Yet so many in the surrounding streets, and those going in and coming out from these churches, seemed anything but prosperous, successful or even happy. I asked my guide, ‘What do they do when...

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Michael John Ovey (1958 – 2017)

It has taken a little while to write this thanksgiving to God for the life of my dear friend Mike Ovey. I have indeed written tributes for other publications, news items, editorials, etc. But this is the one I knew I wanted to write and it has taken longer. This one is much more personal. The reason for the delay is deep grief and a profound sense of loss. Another friend used the word ‘ambush’ to describe how grief can burst upon you unexpectedly and without notice. You can never be sure what little detail, what brief memory, which...

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ERS: Is There Order in the Trinity?

In this post I want to explore the strictly theological question of whether this doctrine inevitably involves a drift into the subordinationist heresy associated with Arius. This is the most common theological objection to the doctrine. In the next post I want to explore a more recent charge: that the doctrine compromises the revelation of God as Trinity in another way, namely through undermining the genuine incarnation of the Son. To suggest that within the divine Trinity the Son is in any sense less than the Father is to fall into heresy. Subordinationism, the teaching most often associated with...

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Evangelism Under Pressure

In times when Christians feel under pressure, one of the first things to fall off our agenda is evangelism. We quickly retreat from the active proclamation of the Lordship of Jesus and the salvation he brings to the more passive notion of witness. Not that there is anything wrong with witness, far from it. Nor is it quite fair to describe witness as passive. Genuine Christian witness is both deliberate and active and it does involve talking about Jesus when the opportunity arises. After all, the New Testament idea of witness overlaps significantly with that of martyr! But in...

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