Author: Kamal Weerakoon

The Dynamics of Faithfulness 2: a simple, clear definition of the gospel

This article is part 2 of 6 in the series The Dynamics of FaithfulnessThis post continues my reflections on the visit by Tim Keller and his Redeemer City to City team back in March.  My first post had some general reflections on Tim and the team.  Here, I’m going to reflect on the value of having a simple, clear definition of what “the gospel” is. Tim clearly said the gospel is trans-cultural, eternal truth from God. But he never defined what he meant by “the gospel”. He talked around it, and said plenty enough to work backwards and work...

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The Dynamics of Faithfulness 1: A response to Tim Keller and the City to City conference

This article is part 1 of 6 in the series The Dynamics of FaithfulnessIn March this year, I had the privilege of attending the Redeemer City to City consultation in Sydney. Tim Keller, and a team from City to City New York, gave us an exposition of their theology and the ministry frameworks that flow from it. This was my first exposure to Tim Keller and the Redeemer ministry. I haven’t read Centre Church (yet – it’s on my shelf…). I’ve never listened to Tim’s sermon podcasts. All I knew was: here’s someone who, like me, is confessionally Presbyterian-Reformed,...

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How can God’s kingdom in Christ be liberating and not oppressive?

In a post-colonial world, the claim that Jesus Christ is the unique way to God sounds oppressive. It sounds “imperialistic” – it sounds like Christians come with the “weapon” of the gospel, to destroy the “ignorant”, “backward”, “pagan” religions, and set up “Christian” culture instead. And that’s why missionaries have such a negative stereotype these days. Anthropologists and cultural sociologists in particular really hate missionaries, because missionaries destroy the wonderful, happy, free native culture and replace it with miserable, repressed Christianity. They particularly hate the doctrine of sin, because that’s what makes the previously happy and healthy natives all...

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Multicultural Ministry Still Matters

11 years ago – Feb 2002 – I began full-time practical ministry training at my home church, Multicultural Bible Ministry. I sent out a monthly newsletter to people who were supporting me in prayer and finances. Because it was a multicultural church – some 25 different nationalities at the time – I called the newsletter Multicultural Ministry Matters. A lot has changed in 12 years. I’m now: A minister of the Presbyterian Church, part of the team at Epping Presbyterian; A staffworker with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, part of the team at Macquarie University Christian Union; Residential Supervisor of a household of...

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