Author: Kamal Weerakoon

The Heresy of Heteronomy

To live a Christian life today, we need to have a deep understanding of the dynamics that underlie both the Bible, and contemporary Western society. We need to be simultaneously deeply “theological” and “sociological”. Only then will we truly understand how, and why, the Christian way of life is truly good, yet is seen as evil – as “heretical” — in this world. And only then will we truly be motivated to live the Christian way, not out of fear, or guilt, or pride, but out of love, confidence, and joy – a love for God and neighbour; a confidence that...

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Christian Courage this Easter

This is going to be an interesting Easter season. In a previous era, under sociological conditions of “Christendom”, Christianity was sufficiently woven into the fabric of Australian society that even non-Christians accurately knew what the Bible claimed about God, Jesus, and the nature of “salvation” – how to be “right with God”. Non-Christians knew that Christians believed that God made the world; that we’ve all turned away from God; Jesus is God become human; Jesus died and rose to forgive us for turning away from God. And that’s why they rejected Christianity – because science has “proven” that there is...

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Growing Confidently in Our Walk with Christ

Assurance was one of the war-cries of the Protestant Reformation. Because we are justified by faith alone, by Christ alone, then assurance is the birthright of every Christian. But, we need to be careful about how we understand assurance, within the broader matrix of who God is, and what it means to have faith in him. Otherwise, sadly and ironically, a wrong doctrine of assurance could cause us to fall away. Our understanding of Christian assurance is based on our understandings of the nature of the Bible, and what it means to trust Jesus – to have “faith”. In a previous post, I...

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Predestination Motivates Evangelism

A properly Biblical doctrine of predestination – one that properly interacts with God’s nature and the nature of human being in God’s image – is not only compatible with evangelism and a call to conversion, but requires and motivates both. Reformed theology holds that the Bible asserts that the Triune God does indeed choose (“decrees”) who will be saved (“the elect”) and who will not (“the reprobate”) (Deut 7:6-11; Deut 9:4-7; Isaiah 41:8-10; John 10:26-30; Rom 9:11-16). But this Triune God is not an impersonal force, but a personal being who enters into personal relationship with his image-bearing creatures....

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Change For Good

The more things change… Here we are on the threshold of a new year. For some of us, it’ll be very new. We might have finished studying, and be looking for a job. Or changing jobs. Perhaps we’re newly married. But for many of us – let’s be honest – it’s just the same old thing, isn’t it? Same old family fights. Same old course of study, with the same old annoying classmates who never put in their fair share of work in the group assignments, so you end up doing most of the work. Same old boring job...

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