Author: Kamal Weerakoon

My Kingdom Come

This article is part 2 of 6 in the series Not Ashamed of the Gospel of HumilityOne aspect of a post-Christian society is the normality of pride. Pride no longer means arrogance. It means self-definition, self-assertion, self-confidence. This is all seen as good, normal, and healthy. We Christians need to understand this normalisation of pride today because it makes Christianity sound unrealistic and implausible. I introduced these ideas in my previous post in this series. The Bible is crazy enough to warn us that this kind of self-assertion is actually dangerous and destructive. It makes us kick God out of our...

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The Gospel in a Culture of Pride

This article is part 1 of 6 in the series Not Ashamed of the Gospel of HumilityContemporary Western society is post-Christian. “Christendom” – the time when Christian morality was accepted as good, and calling yourself “Christian” was equivalent to being an upright member of society – is well and truly in the past. Many books and articles discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this social change for Christian faithfulness. In this short series of blog posts, I want to focus on one strand of this social shift, and how it affects Christian life and testimony: the idea of pride....

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Freedom for Truth

Religious freedom is in the media spotlight again. Someone has filed a complaint with the Tasmanian anti-discrimination commissioner against Presbyterian Church minister Campbell Markham for publicly upholding the traditional, “orthodox” view of human sexuality and marriage. So far, it’s only a complaint. No action has been taken to punish or muzzle Campbell. Yet. Some have taken this sort of thing as a sign of increased, active, repression of Christian speech and identity – “persecution” – here in Australia. Andrew Bolt is probably the most vocal exponent of this view, and has written a useful summary of recent attempts to subvert, demoralise,...

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The Heresy of Heteronomy

To live a Christian life today, we need to have a deep understanding of the dynamics that underlie both the Bible, and contemporary Western society. We need to be simultaneously deeply “theological” and “sociological”. Only then will we truly understand how, and why, the Christian way of life is truly good, yet is seen as evil – as “heretical” — in this world. And only then will we truly be motivated to live the Christian way, not out of fear, or guilt, or pride, but out of love, confidence, and joy – a love for God and neighbour; a confidence that...

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Christian Courage this Easter

This is going to be an interesting Easter season. In a previous era, under sociological conditions of “Christendom”, Christianity was sufficiently woven into the fabric of Australian society that even non-Christians accurately knew what the Bible claimed about God, Jesus, and the nature of “salvation” – how to be “right with God”. Non-Christians knew that Christians believed that God made the world; that we’ve all turned away from God; Jesus is God become human; Jesus died and rose to forgive us for turning away from God. And that’s why they rejected Christianity – because science has “proven” that there is...

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