Author: Josh Williamson

Responding to Same-Sex Marriage

Since the Australian Parliament decided to thumb its nose at God by legalising same-sex “marriage,” I have been asked numerous times how we as Christians should respond. As I pondered this question I have found myself coming up with six ways in which I will personally respond to this embracing of darkness. 1. Be Family Focused I am convinced that family is the building block of society. If we want to see our community strengthened then we need to have strong, godly and moral families. As such, I will be seeking to love my wife as Christ loves the...

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How Should I Respond to Terrorism?

“How should I respond to terrorism?” This is the question that has plagued my thoughts over the past several weeks. It is clear to all that terrorism is now very much part of Western society, and that we are to be ‘alert but not alarmed’, yet it is very hard not to be ‘alarmed’ when you hear the frequent reports of atrocities occurring. When you read of Muslims driving vehicles into crowds and slitting throats, or when a coward blows himself up for Allah at a concert aimed at teenagers; how can I not be alarmed, and indeed not...

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