Author: Joshua Bovis

Dying Well

Recently I was given two reminders of the reality of my own impending death. I say impending, because I have a disease that will at some place, at some time, in some way, do what God did not intend – separate my spirit from my body. This disease is known as mortality, and the cause of it is sin. And while I am so thankful to God for his amazing grace in the Lord Jesus, that my eternal future is secure, these reminders were powerful none the less. The first reminder was a funeral that I did. It was...

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Why We Don’t Pray for the Dead

Recently I came across an article written on Anglican Pastor by a fellow Anglican Priest entitled Why We Pray for the Dead. What surprised me was not his endorsement of the practice, but the implication behind the title that it is normal Anglican practice to do pray either for the dead or to the dead. Also there is no evidence that it was practiced by the early church, not until the middle of the second century. Here are 10 reasons why we are not to pray for the dead:  There is no Scriptural support for praying to anyone other than God. None....

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Book Review: Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Scepticism

Timothy Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, writes a timely book for Christians about preaching, aptly and appropriately entitled, Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Scepticism.  The book is set out in three parts; the first part, Serving the Word, Keller outlines and explains why preaching is a divinely empowered activity – namely that God the Holy Spirit empowers the listener as well as the preacher[1]p.11 – “the difference between good preaching and great preaching lies mainly in the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the listener as well as the preacher.”; the...

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Advent: Where Solemnity and Hope Combine

As a kid, I remember when Christmas was fast approaching. The Christmas tree was up, it was hot outside, and Mum would buy a chocolate Advent calendar from the shops. Remember those? Each day of the month, you would open the box and inside was a little chocolate, one for every day leading up to Christmas Day. However, that was as far as Advent went for me growing up. I did not know what Advent was all about and I certainly did not know what the word Advent meant — not many people did. This is because whereas for many...

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Luther – The Centrality of Grace

Whilst there are many truths revealed in scripture, there are two of particular note. The first is that God is righteous, holy, and just. The second is that we are not, we are sinners. The Bible tells us that all mankind falls short of the glory of God and have transgressed God’s laws. This is because we are sinful, and as it is is part of our ‘nature’, we by consequence, become objects of God’s divine wrath. This leads, I think, to one of the most important questions there is for humanity:  How can sinners be reconciled to a holy, righteous, and...

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