Author: Heidi Tai

When greatness is just for show: reflections from The Greatest Showman

WARNING: Contains The Greatest Showman spoilers! The Greatest Showman is a feel-good, rags-to-riches story that empowers dreamers and celebrates diversity. The movie begins with a powerful score introducing P.T Barnum as The Greatest Showman, a charismatic leader of a successful circus. As the curtains close, we learn the tragic back story of Barnum’s childhood. He had come from humble beginnings, having experienced discrimination by the upper-class, the premature death of his father, and subsequent poverty and homelessness. As a child, Barnum had worked for the Hallet family, and it was there that he fell in love with their only...

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I Want to Be Vulnerable, Honest, and Open With Others… But How?

Back in 2013, Youtube vlogger Jeff Bethke published a popular video titled “What Does It Mean To Be Truly Human?”. In this video, Bethke speaks about the importance of being open and honest with others in your church community: “I know what you are thinking. It’s scary to be honest. It’s scary to be open. In fact, some times the person on the other side will reject us. They will hurt us, or they’ll make us want to crawl back into our isolated cave. See me; I’d rather take the messiness of community, and possible joy than the cleanliness...

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