Author: Emily Cobb

Children’s Book Review: Everyone a Child Should Know

At my Church, we are currently looking at the 5 Solas of the Reformation. It is my week for Sunday School, where I’ve been needing a summary story of Martin Luther to read to the children (aged 3-6). So, how does one go about finding a story like this? How do we share the wonderful work of God in and through people across the globe, spanning the ages, that connect with children simply, solidly and accurately? Enter the new release “Everyone A Child Should Know”, written by Clare Heath-Whyte and illustrated by Jenny Brake (2017). The latest in the...

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Loving the Rainbow

I have always loved rainbows. Singing along to “I can see a rainbow” on PlaySchool when I was a child and now with my children, reminds me of the beauty and brilliance of a rainbow- all the colours, combining to create a wonderful display of creation and of a creative God who faithfully keeps his promises. Last week, I saw some rainbow flags flying in the wind, glorious in their colours, dancing to the breeze. It grieved me: the rainbow now brings mixed feelings to my heart. It grows heavy and weary of the debate swirling. Of animosity shooting...

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The Gender Wars: Strong Women and the Church

This article is part 2 of 2 in the series Gender WarsStrong women are needed in the church today. I don’t mean opinionated women; those of us who have a view on how everything should be done. Rather, I mean strong, courageous women who will stand for the Gospel-truth; who will fight for injustice; who will comfort the broken, who will guard, teach and model Jesus to her children and who will glorify God through the trials and triumphs. Over the past few months, women in the church have been under the spotlight. As debate and comment has been...

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Book and Program Review: The Zookeeper

“The Zookeeper”ˆ written by Naomi Reed and illustrated by her son, Stephen Reed, is a delightful allegory of the Gospel and big picture of the Bible for children. This book is the latest in The Zookeeper line by Naomi Reed that demonstrates her artful writing and storytelling ability. She delicately tells the story of a group of animals: Animals. Animals of every kind- slithering lizards, and swaying elephants, and swinging monkeys, and leggy giraffes, and brown bears, and kangaroos and even a stroppy old tree porcupine. – p. 6, The Zookeeper, Naomi Reed These animals are deeply known and are loved...

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Ministry Matters: Meet Laura Haines

This article is part 2 of 2 in the series Ministry Matters Today we welcome Laura Haines from Tasmania to Thinking of God. As part of the Ministry Matters series, we are taking a look at people in ministry across the country and finding out a little about them, about their work and about how God is working in their part of Australia. May you be encouraged as you learn more about Laura. 1. Hi Laura. Thanks for coming on Thinking of God. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Hi there, thanks for having me. I live...

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