Author: Denis Shelton

Fading Light: Some reflections from T.C. Hammond for Today

This small hard-covered book has been on my shelf for years – but recently I noticed it and decided to read it. Entitled “Fading Light: The tragedy of spiritual decline in Germany”, it is written by a former Principal of Moore College and a well-known Irish Protestant, and sometimes controversialist, T. C. Hammond. While it is undated, Warren Nelson’s biography of him cites the date as 1943, during World War II.[1]I have a personal interest in him as I own his personal signed copy of the new edition of The Protestant Dictionary published by The Harrison Trust in 1933,...

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What’s in a Name?

Naming a baby can sometimes be quite controversial. Sometimes when I read the spelling of some baby names, I wonder whether the parents can actually spell the name they have selected! Then there are unfortunate names. Recently for example it was discussed on the radio the plight of some parent have named a daughter after an Egyptian god called Isis – and now they are regretting it in view of current events. Your writer, for example, was named ‘Denis’ after a near neighbour who lived in a home which conducted an illegal SP bookie business (for whom my mother...

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Cultivate Contentment!

It is amazing to realise that when Paul wrote, “I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, to be content” (Philippians 4:11), he was in prison in Rome! Indeed, later in the same chapter, he exclaimed “I have all, and abound!” How elusive is contentment in this 21st century! Every piece of junk mail in our letterbox, most advertisements on the television or our computer spam exploit discontent or seek to plant it within us. Sadly, it is ‘normal’ for our sinful natures to be discontented – stemming from the garden of Eden. Thomas Watson writes: “Contentment is a...

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