Author: David Ould

Who’s in Charge? How The Church Ought To Speak About Headship

Well it’s been a massive week, and I suspect we’re due for another one too. As the ABC kicked off their reporting on domestic abuse in the churches we’ve had claim and counter-claim all over our media, from Auntie to the Australian. I won’t rehearse here much of what has been said since I think most of my readers will be well on top of it and (I suspect) a little weary of much of the rhetoric. Every day sees a new piece written about what we do and don’t know, what we are and are not responsible for,...

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Teach Us To Number Our Days: Who are the “everyone” of 2 Peter 3:9?

One of the great joys of preaching is getting to immerse yourself in some tricky portions of the Bible that require a little grappling with. Usually it’s a text that the greats of the past have long tussled with (who hasn’t known the thrill of attempting to make sense of those imprisoned spirits in 1Peter 3:19 or pondered over the buoyancy of an axehead in 2Kings 6:5-7?). At church we’re currently working our way through 2Peter, a great letter towards the end of the New Testament and one of the so-called Catholic epistles with a wider audience. Yesterday we opened up chapter 3 and looked at...

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A Modest Gospel Proposal for Australia Day

Here in the great southern land it’s Australia Day, the anniversary of 26 January 1788 when the First Fleet landed at Port Jackson (which incorporates what is now knowns as Sydney Harbour). Wikipedia pithily sums up the event: This date is still celebrated as Australia Day, marking the beginnings of the first British settlement. The British flag was planted and formal possession taken. Shortly afterwards “first contact” was made with the aboriginal population and the rest, as they say, is history. Except it’s not a perfect history. The British brought government, “progress”, “civilisation”, the Judeo-Christian worldview and a whole host of other advancements. They...

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A Scent of Sense over the Census?

OK, I’ll admit it, half the reason for writing this article is simply to get that headline at the top. But the other half is to make a small contribution into the whole “religion/no-religion in the census” debate currently going on in Australia. Tonight is census night and all over this young and free land we will be filling in our online and paper forms and telling the government all about ourselves. The one question that has many animated this year is what people will mark for their religion. The secularists are arguing that only genuine Christians (and other...

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Orlando – Grief in a Time of Culture War

Like me, you have more than likely been staggered by the tragedy of the nightclub murders in Orlando, Florida. It seems inconceivable that someone could go to such lengths, sink to such depths of depravity, as to plan and then so callously execute his scheme to kill as many as possible. Sadly it seems that no sooner has the dust settled but many from every side of every debate have used the attack to make their various points. I’ve noticed a common theme pushing through; that everybody appears to claim that nobody is listening, nobody cares. As a result,...

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