Author: Campbell Markham

The Longbow and the Bible

The English longbow is a remarkable weapon.  It came into its own in the Hundred Years War, the appallingly brutal conflict between France and England in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Known simply as the “bow,” it was the decisive weapon in the crushing English victories at Crécy (1346), Poitiers (1356), and Agincourt (1415). Here’s what made the bow so outstanding.  Firstly, it was quick and cheap to make.  D-shaped staves of wood, five to six feet long, were cut in winter from the trunks of hardwood trees:  yew trees were the most prized.  Springy sapwood made up the...

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Believing and Enjoying the Virgin Birth

The Bible records many surprising births. Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist were all, among others, born to barren women. God supernaturally intervened to bring about their births, to flag their special and important place in His salvation plan. Jesus is the only person, however, to be conceived in the womb of a virgin. With the other births, wombs were supernaturally healed, and then babies were conceived in the normal way. In the case of Jesus, the Holy Spirit supernaturally intervened to bring one of Mary’s ovum to conception: a miracle of an utterly different and...

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Why My Facebook Profile has no Rainbow

After church last night, over our noodles and curried sausage, I had a great conversation with one of our Chinese leaders. She asked, “My non-Christian friends just don’t understand why we are upset with gay marriage. I know the Bible says that it is wrong, but what do I tell people who don’t believe the Bible?” I responded by saying that we should learn from the mistakes of forced adoption and surrogacy. When Julia Gillard was Prime Minister, she apologised for forced adoptions; not just to the mothers, but also to the children. For how can it be right...

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