Author: Campbell Markham

Sola Scriptura in Twenty-first Century Australia

Is it just me, or do Australians seem to be getting unhappier? Pry into the mind of the average Australian with some basic questions.  What is a human being?  What is the purpose of our existence?  Why should we think that we are important? You are unlikely to hear coherent and well-thought-out answers. We don’t know who we are.  We don’t know why we are here.  Yes we have some immediate goals (get a job, have a family, have fun and fulfilling experiences) but no overarching and ultimate goal. We feel important, but we don’t know why.  We feel we have...

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There’s Never Been a Better Time To Be a Christian

Campbell delivered this address at the Tasmanian launch of the Coalition for Marriage. What a mess our poor nation is in.  There is so much conflict, so much confusion, so much pain. We have forgotten what a human being is.  We have forgotten what male and female is.  Men and women have forgotten how to have sex.  We have forgotten how to marry.  We have forgotten how to care for the children we bear.  Children are taught that boys can be girls, and girls can be boys. Our freedom to speak is dissolving before our eyes.   Pastors are called...

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Letter to a Christian Student on the Plebiscite

A Christian student wrote to me about the plebiscite, and this (with name changed) was my reply. Dear Sarah, Thank you for writing to me about the plebiscite.  I agree that we must give this serious thought, and you have raised a number of very important points. In terms of preserving freedoms, you are right when you say that when it comes to marriage, many Christians in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. are being prosecuted for refusing to violate their consciences.  If the law changes here then we will see the same prosecutions. The fact is, every Australian adult...

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Love Says No

A number of Christians, including Christian leaders, are questioning whether they should vote in the upcoming plebiscite—and even how they should vote. In every case the uncertainty springs from respect, kindness, and love. Love is in the Christian’s DNA.  We look towards same-sex attracted people, we sense that they’re doing it tough, and we want to love them.  And we may think, “If they really want to be able to get married, and if changing our marriage laws will bring them happiness, wouldn’t it be loving and kind to support that?” The motivation is beautiful, the application is misguided....

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Our Friendships are Shattering

My heart aches.  Friendships everywhere are shattering. Last night, I spoke to some dear friends.  One described how his parents confronted him over the marriage issue.  They had read one of my articles and asked:  “Is this what you believe?” The other said that her sister in Brazil, and a long-time friend in Mexico, are angry for her Christian beliefs about marriage:  “LGBT people are born that way, but you choose to be a Christian!” Yesterday my daughter described a group chat where friends rage against Christians for their convictions about LGBT issues.  It is excruciating for her. A lady in my church...

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