Author: Brett Lee-Price

The SRE Battlefield: where facts become increasingly absent

With the ascendancy and inauguration of President Trump, a new term has been newly minted, ‘alternative facts’. ‘Facts’ which seem to be at odds with the data available, but are still being championed as authoritative. This is done, because by providing such information, it is hoped to confuse, divide, and ultimately to gain their end game – and it works. Many people seem to trust the arguments without doing any sort of fact checking, and thus the tactic of pushing alternative facts can, sadly, pay off. Over recent days, there’s been a volley of articles which have appeared in...

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Evangelical? What’s an Evangelical?

Since the ascendency of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee (and now, President-elect), there has been some chatter regarding the state of Evangelicalism and the bleak future of the term. Case in point is Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, who has frequently gone on record to state that “the word “evangelical” no longer has any meaning.”[1]Although, there are particular articles which flesh out Moore’s position further. Nothing is more poginant than his tweet: The logic, or argument, being that as evangelicals have lost credibility in the sight of...

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Reformata Fides Orthodoxa: Images of Christ – Editorial

This article is part 1 of 4 in the series Three Views on Images of Christ  Are images of Christ wrong? It appears to be a silly question to ask in Christendom today, where antinomianism unfortunately seems the norm. However, this question has confronted the church throughout the centuries. Especially at times where individuals were jealous in upholding the sacredness of the glory, majesty, and honour of Christ. Indeed, many prominent patristics along the lines of Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandra, and Eusebius, argued against the use of images predominately on three grounds. Firstly, an image, also traditionally referred to as...

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Supporting the Marriage Plebiscite

On Saturday, Australians will go to the ballot box, and for evangelicals this will have been one of the most divisive elections to date. Whilst there are undoubtedly many reasons for it being so, chief among them are the dual issues of religious freedom and the place of a plebiscite in the marriage debate. The possible marriage plebiscite has aroused differing opinions by Christians of all-stripes as to whether it is useful or not to support or push for one. On the one hand, there have been those who have been saying that this plebiscite is needed in order safeguard...

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3 Minute Read: The Assumption Paradox

We’re often told not to make assumptions because they may be proven to be false. Yet, what happens when false is no longer defined as false? What do I mean by this? Well let me explain. In my younger years, I was often drilled with the importance of being careful in drawing conclusions based on assumptions. After all, I was told, assuming things without a basis – without proof – as to why we hold such views could not only put us in a position where our assumptions are proven to be wrong, but some assumptions could lead to...

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