Author: Bethany Utber

Book Review: A Little Book for New Theologians

A Little Book for New Theologians (K. Kapic, 2012) is a fantastic starting place for anyone beginning their theological journey, whether in a classroom or in private study. Kelly Kapic is a Professor of Theology in North America who writes this book to guard against what he calls ‘theological detachment’. He is troubled that while theology and the Christian life are intimately connected, they often aren’t recognised as such. “My worry is that in our day, for many of us, we have unintentionally cultivated what might be called theological detachment: such a view produces a divide between spirituality and...

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Book Review: Compared to Her

‘One place it happens to me is in a shopping centre. When another woman around the same age as me passes by, I give them a quick up-and-down scan. It’s just a two-second appraisal. And as I look at them, I see that they’re doing the same thing with me– a quick sideways glance.’[1]Sophie De Witt, Compared to Her… (Good Book Company, 2013) p.10 It didn’t take me long to realise that Sophie de Witt’s book ‘Compared to Her’, would be a very relevant read. It had sat on my shelf for a year before I opened it; I...

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Book Review: Telling the Gospel Through Story

“Telling the Gospel Through Story” is a wonderful book for anyone who seeks to renew his or her vigour for evangelism. Christine Dillon has been a missionary for many years in Taiwan. Her method of evangelism is storytelling, and in this book she demonstrates why this has been so effective in various cultural contexts. It is both heartening, and very moving, to read some of her own remarkable stories of how God has worked powerfully through storytelling. “Many evangelistic methods, such as evangelistic sermons or courses that investigate Christianity, can only be done with people who already want to...

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