Author: Annelise Stephenson

My Soul Glorifies the Lord

It seems to me that regardless of how many times I read the Bible, I am struck anew with something every day. Something I’ve read before, maybe hundreds and hundreds of times. I had one of those moments last night. This year in my daily Bible readings, I am using a Chronological Bible. I am always interested to know where everything fits in chronologically, so my new Bible meets that need wonderfully. Last night I read through the first few chapters of each of the gospels which give an account of the birth of Jesus, the birth of John...

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Cast Your Anxieties on Him

There is always something in this world to worry about and you don’t have to look far to find something that causes anxiety. At times in my life when I have endured great hardships, I have become quite anxious, and sometimes I even struggle with anxiety before something happens, just so I’m prepared for it! I know how crazy that is. But as a Christian, I also understand that to live under anxiety and fear is sinful and unhealthy. God made us a new creation at the time of our conversion, and anxiety need have no place in our...

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A Little Leaven

There’s likely not many of us who haven’t fallen for a false teaching, or two, at one point in our Christian walk. As new Christians, we can often be filled with zeal for God, but lack knowledge of His word and the maturity to discern between biblical teaching and false teaching. It’s understandable. Yet what about seemingly mature Christians, who do know the Lord? Why do they continue to sit under false teachers and their teachings? Firstly, I think it’s because we lack biblical discernment and understanding. The Lord gives us discernment, and we are told to exercise it. John MacArthur defines discernment...

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Man Cannot Live On Bread Alone

I read my Bible every day. It’s something I’ve always done, and it’s important to me. I’ve raised my daughter to read her Bible every day, to seek God in it, to study it diligently, and to make it as much a part of her day as breathing. Last year she was having a discussion with a Pastor and told him that she reads her Bible on a daily basis. She wasn’t being smug or self-righteous, so imagine her shock when the Pastor rebuked her, telling her that daily Bible reading is legalistic. Unfortunately that one small rebuke set her back significantly. Firstly,...

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