Author: Amy Isham

Communicating the Gospel, the Brotherhood of the Shibboleth?

The gospel is our lifeline, the slender thread that binds us to Jesus Christ, who rescues us. If Christians are held by this unbreakable thread, it is this same thread that needs to be tied around the waists of those that become aware that they too, hang over a precipice, into which they would fall, without a line connecting them to a rescuer. This is a metaphor of the gospel, but ask yourself, does it make sense?  It evokes a visual of falling, of hanging, having a rescuer, but is this metaphor enough, do you think, to communicate the...

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Book Review: Her-Story

I first saw a devotional at the age of twenty, I had been a Christian for one year and my hunger for daily lashings of bible reading had yet to abate.  I saw the small book with the choice of a short bible verse, which was taglined ‘orange juice’, a brief exposition tagged as ‘cereal’, and a longer explanation tagged ‘the big breakfast’.  What kind of person has no time for more than a little verse of the bible? I thought, childishly and in my first year at University, living with my parents. A month ago, about 18 years...

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