Author: Ami Phillips

A Divine Equality

I’ve been hesitant to enter into the same sex marriage debate. I confess that I’m not much for confrontation. And when something is talked about too much, I quickly tire of the same words flying through the air loose of their meaning. And in apathy and tiredness sometimes, I don’t want to have an opinion. Nor do I want to go to the effort of giving reason for a certain stance. Its much easier to just think what you’ve always thought, or do what those significant others in your life or circles are doing. But in an effort to...

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Congregational Singing

Why does singing in church sometimes feel unengaged, flat and a bit ritualistic? I suspect it is because we don’t know how to relate what we are singing to our current emotional state. So we suppress the emotion and sing mechanically. Singing is not the first thing I think of doing when I’m upset. The lyrics then serve to remind me of the discrepancy between their colour, and my lack. Perhaps it is because of the active nature of singing… it involves us physically as well as mentally and emotionally. In a dark cloud of depression or anxiety, it...

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Experience and Reason… Must We Choose?

How do I know God intimately and deeply? What is the truest way to experience Him? Yes… I used the word ‘experience’. When I changed churches, I quickly learned that there was a phrase for the kind of church experience I had growing up… It was ‘experience-based’. It is a very strange thing to hear the only way you’ve ever known to be given a neatly packaged label. Experience-based faith was a phrase used in contrast to ‘reason-based faith’ that was far more ‘stable’ and ‘grounded’. Anxious that I had been anchored in the wrong place, I set about...

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Faith: no doubt? Or KNOW doubt?

Faith led me to know doubt. Let me explain. Growing up, belief in Jesus was never hard…He was the realest thing I knew and I never had any doubt. I just believed. I was a Christian. That’s how I existed in this world. The lens through which I viewed life. So you can imagine that when I was first confronted by doubt, I was thrown cleanly off my feat. My anxiety grew, as did my efforts to suppress it. I just didn’t know how not to believe. The questions that were coming to my mind were like assaults that...

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