Author: Ami Phillips

Experience and Reason… Must We Choose?

How do I know God intimately and deeply? What is the truest way to experience Him? Yes… I used the word ‘experience’. When I changed churches, I quickly learned that there was a phrase for the kind of church experience I had growing up… It was ‘experience-based’. It is a very strange thing to hear the only way you’ve ever known to be given a neatly packaged label. Experience-based faith was a phrase used in contrast to ‘reason-based faith’ that was far more ‘stable’ and ‘grounded’. Anxious that I had been anchored in the wrong place, I set about...

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Faith: no doubt? Or KNOW doubt?

Faith led me to know doubt. Let me explain. Growing up, belief in Jesus was never hard…He was the realest thing I knew and I never had any doubt. I just believed. I was a Christian. That’s how I existed in this world. The lens through which I viewed life. So you can imagine that when I was first confronted by doubt, I was thrown cleanly off my feat. My anxiety grew, as did my efforts to suppress it. I just didn’t know how not to believe. The questions that were coming to my mind were like assaults that...

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