Author: Akos Balogh

Australian Culture is Fracturing at a Staggering Rate

Australian society is fracturing. We’re now in an age with two competing moral views. Secular-progressive morality is pitted against traditional western morality, as represented (in large part) by the Judeo-Christian worldview. The Australian newspaper’s editor Paul Kelly writes: For much of its history, Australia, along with other Western nations, was a society that agreed on core values arising from Christian tradition and this was a unifying factor during bitter disputes over class, income and economic organisation.’ He continues: But as the Christian tradition weakens and the progressive morality rises, our society is divided at its heart, a process that...

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When Killing Baby Girls Is Not Wrong

Baby Sheela was dying. She was a sick eighteen month old living skeleton, and so weak that she couldn’t even cry. Indian author Vishal Mangalwadi and his wife Ruth came across Baby Sheela when they moved into her family’s village. Sheela lived with her poor parents in a dingy house in rural India. Vishal and Ruth immediately took pity on baby Sheela, and offered to help in any way they could. But Sheela’s parents weren’t keen. No matter how much Ruth and Vishal offered to help – to take Sheela to hospital, to pay for the hospital bills, to care...

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Why The Modern World Makes Belief In God So Difficult

Are you a modern western Christian, who occasionally finds yourself doubting God’s existence? If you do doubt, then you’re normal. It’s normal to doubt God’s existence in this modern world of ours. And there’s a surprising reason why. It’s not because of science. (If anything, modern science shows that God’s existence is more probable than not.) And it’s not because of some knock-down Atheistic argument. (I’ve yet to see any such argument). But there’s another reason – a reason Christians don’t often think about –  why the modern world makes it hard to believe in God. But to understand this reason,...

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Is Australia Becoming An Atheist Theocracy?

I spent the first four years of my life in an Atheist Theocracy. Of course, nobody called it that. But that’s what it was. Like any theocracy, there was only one acceptable view of ‘ultimate reality’ –  of life, meaning, the universe.  In that case, it was Atheism. If you practiced any other religion in public, the police came knocking. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t the best place to live, which is why my parents decided to take our family and leave. And so, we came to Australia – a  land of freedom – where anybody could practice their religion openly,...

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3 Stunning Truths About Christianity and The (Secular) West

Islam is in the news a lot these days. Sadly, much of the coverage is negative. Self-identified Islamic militants are causing havoc across the world, from Paris to Baghdad, from Pakistan to Orlando. Now obviously not all Muslims are militants – most just want to live in peace. But some secular commentators see the problem of Islamist violence as nothing more than the misuse and abuse of Islam (a ‘religion of peace’). In this view, all religions are equally good: the only problem is fanatics and radicals twisting  (good) religion for their own perverted ends. But if the only problem...

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